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Venue Hire

The Grange Park Parish Council currently own two facilities; the Community Centre located next to the local Woodland View Primary School and Foxfield Pavilion which is situated within the Country Park. Both of these facilities are available to the public for hire.


Community Centre

Grange Park Community Centre

The Grange Park Community Centre was officially opened on 20th May 2003 by the Duke of Gloucester. Since then it has become the focal point of our community. There is already a wide range of activities taking place at the centre on a regular basis each week.

On the 1st Thursday of each month the Grange Park Parish Council gather at the Community Centre for their monthly meeting.

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Grange Park Community Centre

Foxfield Pavilion

The pavilion at Foxfield, which was originally due to be provided by the developers in the early days of Grange Park, was finally brought to fruition in 2010.

The project, which had been 4 years in planning and construction, was made possible thanks to South Northamptonshire Council obtaining a £400,000 grant from Prologis and the Parish Council securing match funding from the Football Foundation.

After a typically slow start, demand for the facility is building by the day. In addition to being the home base for several football teams and GP cricket club, the main hall is also used by various regular user groups including Scouts; W.I. ; Dance and Zumba.

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